Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

Sustainable Breast Pads

While I was pregnant I put out the call on Instagram for recommendations for reusable breast pads, and my followers delivered! I got so many great recommendations I thought I’d share what I’ve been using for the last 6 months.

First up are these adorable marble print heart shaped pads from Bamboobies. These are made from bamboo rayon velour & are for light leakage. These ultra thin pads feel half as thick as other brands I’ve tried, but are incredibly absorbent. For those with a big milk supply, they may not be absorbent enough, but I’ve found them to be great for everyday use.

These in a 4 pack which also includes a pair of overnight round pads which are designed for heavier leakage.

The overnight pads are epic. My big milk jugs couldn’t leak through them, even if I tried!

Yes, the pad is noticeably thicker & larger (but still no thicker than any other brand) they are perfectly for those times when you leak a lot.

The fabrics are super soft & never irritate my skin.

I machine wash the pads with all the baby things & line dry. After 6 months of regular use & washing they are still in fantastic condition.

From: Bamboobies

Lingerie: Lacegrenade

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