Hot Milk – Show Off – 12H (maternity)

Baby, I’m back!

6 months ago baby girl made her early entrance into the world & definitely caught us off guard. I had so many things I’d planned to do (& write about) before her birth, but life has a tendency to be unpredictable & I am only starting to catch up now.

While I’m no longer wearing this bra, I had several notes written down about the fit & quality, since I’d never tried Hot Milk before.

During this pregnancy I didn’t want to compromise on comfort or quality. I asked everyone for their recommendations & the name ‘Hot Milk’ was often the first thing people said. I was excited to see they made my size & while doing some research about them I read that “the Hotmilk Show Off Bra has been voted by the Australian public as 2015’s Number 1 Maternity Bra!” I knew I needed to try it out for myself!

Show Off is a non wired maternity & nursing bra, designed to be worn during pregnancy & for breastfeeding. The 3 section cups are specifically designed for a full bust & to accommodate the changes that come along with pregnancy & birth. They offer full coverage & create a nice shape, while also lifting the bust. Once the nursing cup is undone, you can see the cotton lining & A frame section which helps give the bra more structure & support.

The band runs true to size & has 6 rows of hooks to help keep you comfortable while your body changes.

It genuinely is a very very comfortable bra. The design is well thought out. The straps are thick, the cups are supportive & the fabric is lovely against your skin. I can see why it comes so highly recommended!

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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