Dorina – Adele & Claire – 10F & 10

Beautiful Basics

As I eagerly anticipate weaning the baby, I am really enjoying testing out everyday bras in my new size. It’s like a whole new world has opened up to me, with the availability of F & G cupped bras being so abundant I feel spoilt for choice!

Dorina is a label I came across when looking for affordable basics that are manufactured by people trying to make an effort to be more sustainable.

In 2020 they are introducing the Dorina ECO Line. The lingerie will have fabrics made with recycled PET products, certified organic cotton & Bluesign lace. Oh & the packaging with be 100% sustainable! Worth giving them a shot, right?

This bra is the Adele T Shirt bra. It is a basic bra & is all that it claims to be. She has smooth moulded cups, fully adjustable shoulder straps, a soft band that is decorated with a wide white lace & fits true to size.

It fits well, looks nice under clothes & is easy to wear.

I’ve paired it here with the Claire brazilian brief.

I look forward to seeing more about Dorina in the future & how their new sustainable products go!


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