Lacegrenade – Buffy & Faith – Medium & Custom Size


You know it, you love it. This killer combo from Lacegrenade is everything.

Originally back in 2017 I helped test out the Buffy design in a different fabric, but it wasn’t strong enough to support the weight of a very full bust. With a few minor tweaks & a sturdier fabric, this genius design was born.

The Buffy bralette is made from a single layer of power mesh, with the only seams running vertically down the fronts of the cups. This mesh offers the perfect amount of support for people with a fuller busts. It is secured with hook & eye closures at the back & has soft elastic trims.

While the straps may look confusing, Buffy is an easy design to put on & wear. It’s not a puzzle! I put it on like a normal bra, placing two straps on each shoulder & doing up the hook/eye closures. Tighten the outer straps to sit comfortably on your shoulders, then loosen the inner straps to be long enough to stretch over your head. The long inner strap from your right shoulder will now go over your head to set on the left shoulder. Do the same to the other side. Tighten straps as required & you’re done!

The placement of the straps prevents your breast tissue from falling out, despite having a low plunging front. The mesh fabric holds you in place & is incredibly supportive.

I requested custom sizing for my set, but actually didn’t need to for Buffy, as my size fit perfectly in the measurements for medium. I always recommend sending your bra size & measurements though, just to be sure.

The Faith knickers are custom size. My measurements put me in a size small for my waist, but a large for my hips. So Annalisa worked her magic & made this pair that accommodates my hips while cinching in my waist.

I’ve been wearing made to measure from Lacegrenade for years & she really is the best!


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