Royce – Blossom – 10G/H (maternity)


A maternity bra with great lift & forward projection is here!

Yep, you’re looking at it. Check out that lift!

I first tried Blossom back in 2016 as a sleep/lounge bra & always wore it to bed. Now that I’ve had another baby & have been breastfeeding for nearly 2 years I’ve definitely had the time to review it properly as a nursing bra for everyday wear.

The top things I look for in nursing bras are durability, comfort & support. This bra is in constant rotation & definitely stands the test of time.

The cups are soft, seamless & unpadded. The foam support sling is a great idea to help shape & support you, but my number one feature is the hidden centre drawstrings! You can quickly & easily change the look & fit of the bra with a simple tying of a bow. The internal drawstrings mostly go unnoticed throughout the day.

While this design is brilliant to accommodate fluctuations in breast size & is easy to tailor to suit your outfit, sometimes it can look a little odd under clothes. In my experience, I found that where the foam side sling ends & the softer fabric begins, half way across the bust, it can leave a bit of a bulge/dip when a shirt is draped over the top. To counteract that, I often will wear Blossom under tighter fitting shirts or rigid fabrics.

This bra isn’t just for nursing mothers either! It has also be released as a lounge bra. This bra is exactly the same, simply made without the nursing clips & catcher strap. Perfect for when comfort is all you need.

From: Royce Lingerie

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