Panache – Jasmine – 8GG & 10


I just looked through my archives & this is my 4th Jasmine bra, in a 3rd different size!

You know you love a bra when you have to keep getting it in your new sizes as your body changes.

For the sake of full transparency – I am still breastfeeding & have barely worn this bra. I got it when I was thinking of weaning the baby, but she had very different thoughts. A year later, she’s still very much attached to the boob & this set has been just hanging in my wardrobe. I’ve popped it back on to get some fit notes & will write my review using these, instead of my experiences of wearing it daily.

So, what is it about Jasmine’s design which makes her so great?

For me, it combines all of my favourite elements from other Panache designs & turns them into one bra which is genuinely nice to wear. In the past my favourite wired bras from Panache were Floris & Envy. Jasmine combines the best bits of both those into one superstar bra. She is built with a firmness of Floris in the lower sections of the cups, but also has the softness of Envy in the lace upper sections.

The 3 patterned panels of the cups are made from 2 layers of firm power mesh. This fabric gives ultimate support & the secure feeling I need, especially since losing some fullness to my breasts. It pulls my bust in from the sides & projects it forward, giving a lovely, rounded shape. Then the stretch lace panel at the top is used to gently encase the rest of my bust which would otherwise escape in other more rigid designs.

The matching deep brief gives pretty good butt coverage, although I personally found they ride up during the day.


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