Scantilly – Harnessed – 10F & S

Strap In.

Let’s take a moment to step away from the everyday practical lingerie & jump into something fun & exciting!

Over the years I’ve been drawn to designs by Scantilly, but hesitated to buy, since they were difficult to find from Australian sellers. Paying international shipping is one thing, but then mucking around with Australia Post to return items internationally costs an arm & a leg, and the chances of it being misplaced in transit is high. And that has put me off buying for many years. (Can you tell I’ve been burnt by Aus Post before?)

Then in steps Curvy to save the day. Finally an Aussie stockist with cheap postage (free if you spend over $99), free returns & the items arrived in under a week.

I know. I’m gobsmacked too.

I got two Scantilly sets from them & am loving dressing up in these fun styles. This set is called Harnessed & you can clearly see why.

Now I know I usually speak a lot about comfort, support, practicality & the importance of a great fitting bra. There is no exception here, however be mindful that is bra is designed as a half cup. Yep, my boobs are a bit more “out there” than they’d usually be, but that’s the whole point of a half cup.

This design is a half cup padded balcony bra. In simpler terms, it shows more, enhances more & lifts more than an ordinary bra.

Padded bras & I don’t have a great track record, since my right breast insists on being at least 1-2 cup sizes bigger than the left. But since this set is more of a show off piece, than an everyday lounge wear, I’ll overlook the occasion spillage of my right boob out of the cup.

The 3-section cups are deep enough to hold the volume of my bust, while also designed beautifully to lift & separate. The gore tacks wonderfully to me & the band is firm. In this style I’ve found the underwires to sit a bit too narrow & you can see them pressing into my breast tissue near my armpit. Over time this will cause discomfort. But again, not a bra I would be wearing all day anyway.

The thick elastic strap & thin satin strap details across the bust is adjustable & can be moved to change the look of the set. Harnessed also comes with two fully removable additional satin straps that can be extended, attached & styled with the bra or knickers.

I love the versatility that those extra straps give.

The high waisted knickers are true to size & the front panel does an incredible amount of tummy smoothing. The straps are all fixed, however the ring at the front can be used to attach your straps too. Also, I love the cutout on the back. Gives the set a little extra pop!

Faux leather, rose gold, strappy & sexy! This really is the ultimate.


Want to see me style the bra in 10 unique ways? Watch my Instagram video !

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