Prima Donna – Madison – 10F & S

Something New!

Get ready to celebrate, because a whole new world of lingerie has just opened up to me.

Due to the rise in popularity of online virtual bra fittings, I mustered up the courage to try new brands from a new store. For the first time ever I was able to shop with Brava Lingerie, whose closest store to me is over 900km away, by means of their “Zoom Fit” service.

Watch a video of my fitting HERE.

One of the brands they stock that I really wanted to try was Prima Donna. I’d seen it around a fair bit, but was never courageous enough to purchase without trying on first.

The Madison Full Cup bra comes in band sizes 10-24 with cup sizes B-I.

At the time of my fitting, it was estimated that I am a size 10F. Since this bra is designed with full coverage & deep cups I needed to size down in the cup. Getting for advice like this from Brava was invaluable!

This bra really is perfect for people with a full bust, it combines so many of my favourite attributes of other brands & brings them together into a bra that is super comfy & cute as a button.

From the exterior Madison looks to have 3 section cups, a stretch lace upper with gingham side support & cup, however when looking inside you’ll notice the lining of the cup is actually 4 sections. There is an additional seam in the middle of the gingham cup to create extra depth.

The lace upper section of the cup is quite reminiscent to the feel of Jasmine by Panache, but with more stable elastic at the top of the lace to contain the bust. The lower & side section of the cups however, unlike Jasmine, are a much softer fabric with more flexibility.

In my size, the band is secured with 2 rows of hook & eyes, which gives a great level of support & security. This also means it’s more likely to work under fashion clothing with lower cut backs.

The matching briefs are ridiculously comfy & give the perfect amount of coverage.

In conclusion: This bra can certainly handle the heavy lifting of a full bust in a large range of sizes, while looking cute as hell.

From: Brava Lingerie

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