Prima Donna Twist – Gelato – 10G & M

Fun & Fabulous!

Stop scrolling & look at this ray of sunshine! Most of you are fully aware that the way to my heart is with bright coloured knockers & you’re right to assume this set from Prima Donna has stolen my heart.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this full cup bra is it’s delightful colours. Up close the printed design looks like the brush strokes of an artwork. Each pop of colour drawing attention to the print & bringing the pattern together. I especially love how the print is continues over the straps, the band, the gore & cups. The entirety of this bra is colourful & I love it.

Most importantly though is the fit. We all know pretty bras are fun, but won’t get worn if they’re not comfortable or don’t fit well.

The four section cups are fully lined & the exterior fabric is a smooth poly, which makes the cups feel almost seamless. While at first glance you would only see the side, upper & lower sections of the cups, the lining has an additional vertical seam in the lower section for added shaping. The cups are stretchy yet sturdy. I like that the elastic at the top of the cup sits perfectly against my skin & the wires aren’t too rigid. It is ridiculously comfortable to wear & compliments my breast shape well.

I have paired it with the Full Brief which is a high rise, full coverage pant. Comfort wise they’re brilliant, but personally I’m not a fan of the mesh panelling. This mesh isn’t used anywhere else in the set & looks a bit odd to me, but other than that, this set is a perfect all rounder!

From: Debra’s

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