Molke – Bloom – S Cosmic & S

Affordable comfort for almost EVERY body!

Yes, I know that’s a big claim, but stay with me here.

Last year I discovered Molke via one of my favourite artist, Taynee Tinsley. I have followed Taynee on Instagram for years & am obsessed with how she brings to life the female form & the experiences of motherhood through her artworks.

When she announced that she had created a print for Molke I knew I had to have it. I don’t have much room in my home for framed art works, but wearable art is something I will use & appreciate regularly. I didn’t know anything about Molke at the time, only that they were making size inclusive non wired bras in this artwork fabric & I needed it. My theory was that if Taynee recommends it, they must be good? Right?

Upon looking more closely at the brand I could see why Taynee partnered with them. The size range they cater to is incredible. The original Molke bra is available for AU band sizes 4 – 26 & AU cup sizes A – M! Just take a minute to read that again & let it sink in. Size 4 to 26 bands & cups from A to M. That is 19 cup sizes! And their bottoms cater to sizes AU 6 – 32.

While I appreciate that not every single person will fit into that size bracket, it’s pretty darn close. It is the biggest range of ready made sizes I’ve seen in a long time & I love how diverse the models of all these sizes are.

I popped my measurements into their size calculator & got recommended the size Small Cosmic bra. This fits AU 8FF-GG. One thing I loved about the calculator was that it used not just your band & bust measurements, but also a measurement of your bust, bra off while leaning forward at a right angle so they can account for how much depth is needed in the cups too. I’d never seen this in a size calculator before, but gosh it makes so much sense!

These pieces are made in Scotland & are signature designs to Molke. The bra fits quite high at the back like a vest & isn’t adjustable in any way. The band size & shoulder straps are all fixed. This is why it’s so important to measure yourself correctly.

The back panel is a single layer of cotton fabric & the front panels/cups are lined with one additional layer of cotton. There are no seams, shaping or moulding in the cups. The design does all the work. Of all the pink trims, the only part that is elasticated is the lower section of the band. They sit nicely against the skin without digging in.

The first time putting the bra on took a bit of wiggling. The fabric softens with time, but I still found the best way (for me) was actually to step into the bra & pull it up my body, then pop arms in & position my bust accordingly. Going over my head was a struggle, so this way is easier for me. It will likely depend on your hips size as to whether this method will work for you though.

Speaking of hips!

I ordered the Molke mid rise bottoms in the matching fabric in size small (again, I consulted the size chart first, since I usually opt for a medium). The bottoms are made with all the same fabrics & the pink trimmings don’t contain elastic. One feature that made me smile is that the fabric used in the gusset is actually offcuts from other sets, so you see a surprise pattern every time you pee. For some reason I always forgets it’s there & it makes me smile each time to know that this company are working hard to reduce fabric wastage.

And lastly, I love how affordable their pieces are. They really are making all sizes easily accessible to most budgets.

Well done.


The following images were taken by Jill Kerswill Photography.

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